Ohio's Fireworks Law

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Ohio's New Fireworks Law

Ohio's New Fireworks Law

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Back in November 2021, Governor Mike DeWine signed House Bill 172 which allows Ohioans to set off consumer-grade fireworks during holidays and other select days of the year. This House Bill goes into effect July 1, 2022. But wait, there is much more to this new Bill.

Yes, it is true, Ohio has passed a law allowing Ohioans to set off fireworks. However, your city or town may have restrictions or may not allow it at all. Before you celebrate this year, it would be wise to know what the laws are in the city or town in which you would like to set off fireworks. It may still be illegal in your area.

Even though the state of Ohio has passed Bill 172, your county has options on how they will manage their cities and towns.

A county, with respect to the unincorporated territory of the county, a township, with respect to the unincorporated territory of the township, or a municipal corporation may do either of the following:

Restrict the dates and times a person may discharge, ignite, or explode fireworks purchased pursuant to this section.

(2) Ban the discharge, ignition, or explosion of fireworks purchased pursuant to this section.

A resolution adopted by a board of township trustees under this division prevails over a conflicting Sub. H. B. No. 172 134th G.A.

The resolution adopted under this division by the board of county commissioners in the county within which the township is located.

(E) This section does not limit the enforcement of any ordinance, resolution, or statute that regulates noise, disturbance of the peace, or disorderly conduct.

Conclusion; Before you purchase fireworks this season with the intention of setting them off, it would be wise to check your local county for more details on what they have put in place for this year's festivities.

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