Cleveland Wins

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Cleveland Wins!

Well, maybe not the World Series but the city of Cleveland benefits from all the activities it has hosted. From the Cleveland Cavaliers to the Republican National Convention and of course the Cleveland Indians. All the extra playoff and championship games, along with the convention, not to mention all the other activities such as filming for motion pictures, many businesses benefit from all these activities. Hotels, restaurants, parking lots, gas stations, retail stores, the local attractions and much more. People traveled to Cleveland in 2016 from all over the world. Most seeing Cleveland for the very first time. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Lake Erie, our great museums, plus many more points of interest.

We Share The Excitement

Certainly, there has been more excitement in NE Ohio than has been here for many years. We know not everyone is focused on sports. But for 2016, sports has been in the headlines quite a bit. The money spent on sports does spread out to many other types of businesses. It does help the local economy and the overall attitudes of many people. For Cleveland, sports just happens to be a big attraction. When put in proper perspective, just about anything can be a fun, enjoyable and a beneficial endeavor.


For those of us who have lived here our entire lives, we do know how great this part of the country is. We know the points of interest, the best places to eat, fun places to visit. We have all four seasons which many places in the world do not have. Yes, our winters at times are brutal, but they do not last very long. It makes us appreciate spring that much more.

All Aboard

We have the Cuyahoga Valley National Park with the scenic railroad. This is a fun place to drive through, visit and enjoy nature in Ohio. A great place during spring and fall.

Road Trip

Expanding a little outside greater Cleveland, we have much to offer. Here are just a few places you might want to visit.

  • Football Hall of Fame
  • Ohio's Amish Country
  • Warthers Carvings - Museum
  • Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens
  • Cedar Point
  • Akron Soap Box Derby
  • Lake Erie Islands
  • African Safari Wildlife Park
  • Hale Farm and Village
  • Plus much more...

When Cleveland Wins, so does all of NE Ohio!