Common Work Injuries

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Common Work Injuries

Not all workplace injuries fall under the category of instant trauma

Although we see these types of injuries mostly at workplaces, they can happen most anywhere.

Repetitive Motion Injuries - such as typing while using the computer. This type of repetitive motion can put a strain on muscles and tendons. Rotating your duties if possible can be of great help. Rotating duties will allow your body time to recover. Taking short breaks throughout the day is a good idea. If your job requires many hours of sitting, getting up and walking allows your body a brief rest and time to recover. If you are at a computer or are stationed close to your work, your eyes do not have a chance to focus and exercise their muscles. Take time to get away if you can and focus your eyes at a distance to make them focus their muscles farther away.

Note: this is not medical advice but rather a common sense approach to our everyday duties. If you are having difficulties, always consult with your physician. Talking to your immediate supervisor and company human resource person is also a good idea. Many companies today teach their employees to stretch, get up and take a break. Some companies have also invested in ergonomically correct workstations. Repetitive motion injuries are a well-documented issue and a concern for many types of companies.

Machine Injuries Factory Work - Working with heavy equipment can be very dangerous. Just the sheer weight and brute force of the equipment can cause a person serious injuries if you are careless. If the machine malfunctions, it can be fatal. Some jobs require specific clothing and shoes. Always follow the recommended safety procedures. Your hands, fingers, hair and eyes all need to be protected. Lack of protective clothing and gear is not acceptable when it is required. Lack of safety training, ignoring safety procedures. removal of safety features such as guards or sensors is also unacceptable and could be grounds for a major lawsuit if someone is seriously injured or killed.

Vehicle Accidents - When driving is part of your employment, you may need extra drivers training and special licenses. A company truck, car, a tow motor or a special vehicle, all may require the driver to have special training. Operating any type of vehicle is a great responsibility.

Walking into an Injury - Walking into a concrete object such as a pillar or walls can lead to a serious injury. Doors, glass, tables, chairs, steps, lack of proper caution signage, lack or proper lighting, all can lead to a serious injury. With these types of injuries, a law firm needs to show neglect by someone else, not carelessness from the injured.

Falling Objects - Objects that fall from shelving, non-secured objects, faulty shelving, malfunction of storage shelves etc. Lack of hard hat enforcement, lack of providing safety equipment such as steel toe shoes, or caution tape, caution signage. If neglect was involved, you may be entitled to a settlement.

Reaction Injuries - Example could be a reaction to a slippery surface. An icy sidewalk that was not cleared or salted. The reaction to a slippery surface could cause muscle injuries, body trauma and even a variety of other medical issues. Again, if neglect can be proven, the injured may be entitled to a settlement.

Falling from Heights - such as roofing or construction scaffolding. Lack of proper personal training, lack of proper safety gear, and possible faulty equipment. If neglect can be proven, the injured may be entitled to a settlement.

Public Place Slips & Trips - Wet flooring with no caution signage. Debris, trash left on floor, neglect to clear or clean an area properly. If we can prove neglect, you may be entitled to a settlement.

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The Conclusion

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