Motorcycle Accident Facts

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Motorcycle Accident Facts

  • Most motorcycle accidents involve a passenger car. Only a small amount of motorcycle accidents are caused by an object in the path on the road.
  • Motorcycle malfunction accounts for a very small amount of accidents. Less than 3%.
  • With motorcycle accidents that do not involve any other vehicle, it is usually rider error. Humans make mistakes. Motorcycles are less forgiving than a passenger vehicle when it comes to an error in judgment.
  • Pot holes, chuck holes, and other roadway defects account for a very small amount of motorcycle accidents, statistics show only about 2% of roadway defects contribute to any motorcycle accident.
  • Most motorcycle accidents that involve another vehicle are usually the fault of the other vehicle. Statistics show about 65%.
  • Intersections are the single most common place where a motorcycle accident will occur. Usually, it is the other vehicles fault.
  • Weather contributes only about 2% of all motorcycle accidents.
  • High speed is usually not a factor in a motorcycle accident. The average speed of the motorcycle in most cases is only about 22 mph. High-speed motorcycle accidents account for only a very small percentage of accidents.
  • Motorcycle accidents that involve alcohol are about 50%.
  • The likely-hood of sustaining an injury when riding and involved in a motorcycle accident is extremely high.
  • The lack of eye protection contributes highly for motorcycle accidents.
  • Wearing a good quality safety helmet has shown to be extremely helpful when involved in a motorcycle accident.

When someone is seriously hurt, and the root cause can be determined as carelessness or negligence, everyone usually agrees that the negligent act was foolish and should have never happened.

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