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Have Tea Will Travel

The next time you enjoy a cup of tea, one thing is certain: That perfectly brewed hot (or cold) beverage embarked on a “no passport required/around the world” extraordinary journey to your cup or mug.

The tropical and subtropical regions of the globe produce tea for the entire world. Tea harvesting encourages the plants to continue to grow new shoots throughout the growing season. However, it is the first harvest of the season that produces the highest quality, most nutrient-dense teas due to these being the first new leaves after a dormant season. Tea leaves are harvested throughout each growing season, as long as the plants produce new shoots.

Delicate tea leaves are harvested only by hand, requiring many field workers to walk through miles of fields, baskets on their backs, to harvest the leaves. Field workers have a keen eye and are trained to know exactly which part of the plant is ready to harvest for tea production. They know that they must select a few leaves, part of the stem, and the tip (or flush) with each pluck of the plant. It is the flush of the plant that is the basis of tea production, and ideally, each flush will have two to five leaves. The workers are paid by the kilo (1 kilogram = about 2.2 pounds), and they earn a sustainable living harvesting tea leaves.

The leaves are then shipped to processing plants. During the processing of the leaves, various levels of oxidation will decide the type of tea; green, black, Oolong, or white. Yes, that is correct - all types of tea come from the same tea leaves!

Processing includes various techniques to dry, oxidize and sort the leaves before being processed into either loose tea or tea bags that are then shipped to various markets and shops for the consumer to enjoy.

The next time you are brewing your favorite cup of tea, pause and think of the worker who delicately picked the tea leaves that traveled all the way from the fields to your home, and give that worker a nod of thanks.

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