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Injured at Work

Most companies have a proactive safety program. Educating their workers on proper lifting, pulling, and pushing techniques. Companies also study the individual workstation and how it may impact the individual over extended periods of time. Repetition injuries can occur when a person is asked to do the same repetitive motions over and over throughout their shift.

Many repetitive motion injuries can be avoided by simply cross-training people for other tasks. Rotating workers within a shift to other workstations where their body will use different muscle groups. More and more companies are implementing these ideas to help reduce insurance premiums.


When a company hires a person to do specific tasks, it is the companies responsibility to make sure each worker is properly trained for that task. Following the manufacturer's safety recommendations for each piece of equipment is critical. Understanding the safety stop buttons, making sure all the safety stop buttons are working. Making sure all safety sensors are working. No one is to disable a safety device unless for certain reasons such as troubleshooting the equipment. Only authorized personal should operate equipment.

Your surrounding work areas should be safe. The floors should be safe and not slippery or wet as to cause a slip and fall injury. Debris should be cleared and put in the proper trash or recycling containers.

Electrical wiring, cords, wires, etc., should all meet safety standards. Compressed air, hydraulic fluids, fluids under pressure should all be safe to work with. Any neglect in any of these areas can cause serious injury or even death.

Often times we see neglect in these areas for reasons such as it may cost too much to implement proper safety procedures. Or we can work faster if we do not have to follow certain safety procedures. These reasons or excuses are not acceptable under any circumstance. Safety of people has to be a top priority.

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