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Insurance Are You Covered

That is a very important question and everyone will have a different answer. Keep in mind, having large dollar amounts of insurance coverage does not automatically guarantee your insurance company will hand over what you would expect simply because it's in your policy. Insurance companies have their own way of determining what you should get, and not always what you would expect. Sometimes, the insurance company will decide that you get nothing at all. Seems unfair? Not to the insurance company.

For this article we want to focus on motorcycle insurance

Most people properly cover their primary vehicle, maybe a car or a truck. But for a motorcycle that is used only a few times a year, more times than not, it seems to get minimal coverage.

Lets compare the two vehicles

Your car or truck most likely has seat belts and air bags. Your car or truck has crumple zones. Plus, both are bigger and have an inherently larger protective area around the driver and passengers.

Lets look at your motorcycle

No seat belts, no crumple zones, no air bags, no protective area around you. Hopefully you have a helmet and leather apparel.

Motorcycles are just more dangerous in all aspects. But still people insure their motorcycle based on use rather than potential danger.

Logically your motorcycle should have the same or more coverage than your car or truck. If you were to get in a typical fender bender in your car or truck, chances are you would survive and sustain only minor injuries. But not so with a motorcycle. On your motorcycle even a minor accident could be fatal or have serious life long injuries.

So what's the point?

Even though you are the safest rider and you never cause an accident, their are others on the road that are careless. Imagine getting into an accident. Someone else is totally at fault. You have the police report, their insurance admits they are guilty. You win, no contest...Great right... Not really.

The person that causes the accident ( and you are seriously injured ), has Ohio's minimum required insurance coverage. They have a total of $25,000 per person for bodily injury and $25,000 for property damage. That's ALL... You get a new motorcycle if you desire. Your medical bills are $50,000 and climbing. You are out of work for a while. You will not be able to perform your job like you once did. Your quality of life has changed for the worse, permanently. You will have joint pain plus a host of other complications as you get older because of this accident.

You win the settlement no problem but there is not enough money for your medical bills. You contact your insurance agent and since you have minimal coverage or no coverage at all for uninsured or under-insured motorists their is no help from your insurance company. But, if you had the same exact coverage that is on your car or truck, your insurance would cover most or all of the medical bills that the other insurance could not help with since the other person only had the minimal amount allowed by the state of Ohio.

This is an important decision when insuring a second vehicle especially a motorcycle. If your insurance company is a self serve type company, you have no one to talk to and discuss the proper options. If you can talk to a real person, an experienced insurance agent who is doing their job properly, they will discuss the options and the benefits versus the cost. Most likely the cost for proper coverage is minimal and well worth it.

So please ask yourself, is it worth saving a few dollars to take a chance that everyone on the road is as careful as you? No. Buy a motorcycle you can afford including the insurance that covers you in the worst case scenario.

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Ask yourself this question… who does the adjuster work for? The adjuster works for the insurance company, they do not work for you.

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