Why Do Dogs Stare

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Why Do Dogs Stare

If you have ever owned a dog, you have undoubtedly been on the recipient end of an intentional and long stare by your furry friend. Dogs love to stare at their owners, but you may be surprised to learn the motivation behind those puppy dog eyes.

Dogs are pack animals, devoted to their owners, and will gaze at their owner until…ALAS! - Eye contact is made! As dog owners, we tend to think one of two things is happening here:

  1. My dog loves me so much that she is perfectly content to sit and gaze at me
  2. My dog wants something from me

Although this would be an amazing breakthrough, science has yet to invent a means to definitively demonstrate the thought process of canines. The emotional nature of humans leads us to believe that our dogs are staring lovingly at us in a sense of devotion. This can very well be true. However, a dog will also stare to capture its owner’s attention because it wants or needs something, such as a treat, food, outside break, praise, or simply just to play! The important thing to remember is a dog’s instinctual trait is to be in a pack. Domesticated dogs view their forever families as the pack, and they single out one specific member of the pack family as the pack leader (usually the person who feeds, walks, and otherwise takes care of the dog’s basic needs). Dogs instinctively need and require human engagement.

When dogs are in formal training, the trainer will teach the dog to look at the owner’s eyes for command cues. This may be another reason a dog stares at its owner. Once the dog sees the cue, a task is usually performed, followed by a tasty treat reward.

Alternately, it is very important to note that many dogs do not like to play the human “stare down” game. The dog can interpret this activity as a direct challenge so be sure any staring activity on the part of the human is performed with only a healthy dog-human relationship and never with an unfamiliar or strange dog.

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